Summer 2011
Emma Helps in "Firing Up" - The Craft Council

Firing Up is the Crafts Council’s national programme highlighting clay and ceramics. Now entering its second year, the initiative has been development by the Crafts Council through a steering committee of representatives from NALN, NSEAD, University of the Arts (London), Clayground Collective and Ofsted. The core elements have been designed to:

  • 1. Raise awareness of the importance of clay in our everyday lives and in world cultures;
  • 2. Support schools in using this medium creatively and confidently, and in optimising its educational value for students and creating sustainable local links;
  • 3. Showcase and exhibit the work of young people; and
  • 4. Demonstrate the links between clay-work and the wider creative industry sector showing that working in ceramics is a viable career choice.

As part of Emma's contribution to Firing Up she was able to inspire pupils at a local school with hands on experience of working with ceramics.

Emma Demonstrates to a class

Pupils inspired to hand on experience

A sheep - inspiration for the sculpture