Galerie Alice Mogabgab - Animal - Beirut

Beirut: "The animal," said gallerist Alice Mogabgab, "has become a symbol, the subject of a piece of art."

The gallerist is putting her money where her mouth is. "Animal," the current exhibition at Alice Mogabgab gallery features work by 20-odd artists including French painter Charles Belle, English sculptor Emma Rodgers, Lebanon's Fadia Haddad and Houda Kassatly and Japan's Takayoshi Sakabe, among others.

The exhibition has a back story. In late March of this year Mogabgab participated in Art Paris, an extensive art fair that gathers galleries from all over the world at the Grand Palais. The Mogabgab Gallery stand sported an animal themed display of paintings and sculptures. After finding some success in the French capital, the gallerist has brought these works back to Beirut.

"Animal is curated by the French film-maker Luc Jacquet - best known as the writer director behind "The March of the Penguins" (2005) and "The Fox and the Child" (2008).

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Lucy - Emma Rodgers

Hares Bride - Emma Rodgers - Elaine Peto

Lucy - 2007
By Emma Rodgers
80 cm x 39cm x 39cm
in bronze